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"And as a community leader, I have been an outspoken advocate for healthy neighborhoods, attainable housing options for our families, strong public education, and creating a modern unbroken network of connected sidewalks and streets."
Building Strong Neighborhoods

Tiffany believes in strong neighborhoods with great schools, a healthy environment, and safe streets. That means creating a plan that lifts every part of the 6th District, not just maintaining the status quo.

Building Connected Infrastructure

With more than 30 years of industry expertise as a project and construction manager, Tiffany will put her experience to work for us to build a connected network of modern, unbroken streets and sidewalks.

Building Housing for Everyone

The 6th District needs more available housing units at every price point, but every project can't be a fight. Tiffany will set priorities and adopt public policy to support actionable plans for affordable housing and vibrant business districts.

Building a Progressive Future

Tiffany is a practical Kansas City progressive and LGBTQ+ ally who will protect access to women’s health care, strengthen public education, preserve our quality of life, and work to lift people out of poverty.

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